Fishhawk Watch

Fishhawk Watch is a volunteer neighborhood watch program.   
For emergencies, please call 9-1-1.
Community Member Reporting
FLRC community members may report non-emergency events directly to the Fishhawk Watch committee using the following email: Community members are encouraged to make a report after calling 9-1-1, for non-emergency safety or security event, and to provide information that may be useful to volunteer members as they make their rounds.
Volunteer Activities
The volunteer members make rounds that include the following:
  • Walking or driving the roads and paths around the lake
  • Being alert for safety issues, such as downed power lines, hazardous trees, etc.
  • Watching for security issues, including unknown people loitering near homes or property, signs of forced entry, unsecured homes, etc.
  • Checking on common areas, such as watercraft landings, the community center, and the garden
  • Looking over critical infrastructure, including the dam, fresh and waste water treatment plants, and the four sewer lift stations
  • Noting other obvious community concerns, such as potential water leaks, storm damage to unoccupied homes, etc.
Volunteers Observe And Report
Volunteers are responsible for noting and reporting the things they encounter to the Chair of the Fishhawk Watch, as well as the Operations team, the Community Manager, and/or individual community members as appropriate.
Volunteers do not directly engage with suspicious persons or activity. Volunteers who discover or suspect criminal or other suspicious activity will call 9-1-1 in an emergency, or the non-emergency dispatch for the appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction for other circumstances.
Fishhawk community members with general questions or suggestions can contact the the committee by emailing, the watch Chair, Mike Johnson, or the Community Manager.
Volunteers Needed
The committee is actively seeking more volunteers to help us have an active presence around our community every day of the week. Please contact us at one of the emails listed above if you are interested.
Volunteer Members
Additional Information
  • Clatsop County Sheriff non-emergency: 503-325-2061
  • Columbia County Sheriff non-emergency: 503-397-1521