Mission Statement
The mission of the Committee is (a) to ensure that improvements proposed for installation, replacement, or construction on any lot are compatible and harmonize with the architectural scheme, blend with our natural surroundings and comply with the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and policies of the Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community, and (b) to manage compliance with such Declarations, rules, regulations, policies and guidelines dealing with construction and/or maintenance of lots or improvements thereon.
Application Information
If you are considering purchasing a lot or existing home and plan to do any alterations or construction (including any change of color or material), please review the  CC&R’s and By Laws and Architectural Manual (pdf) to become familiar with the community standards and requirements.
These following checklists are provided to assist with preparing an ARC application. They list the information that is needed to review a project.
Any alterations to the outside of a Lot must have the approval of the Architectural Committee and require an application with supportive data for review.  The Committee is working on an "Architectural Manual" that will provide some clarity to the Lake and Community. If you have any questions, please contact a standing member of the committee below, email us at or ask for a hearing at one of the committee’s monthly meetings.
Download your Architectural Application Form here.  (fillable pdf)  Applications shall be submitted no later than the Monday before the regular ARC meeting - generally held the first Monday of the month. This allows for the ARC to prepare an agenda and review the applications for completeness prior to the meeting. Any application submitted later than Monday 5:00pm will be referred to the next monthly meeting. 
All current ARC meetings are being held digitally via google meet until further notice.
You must be a member in good standing to submit an application.
Dock Information
General Information
  • Approvals of submitted ARC applications will be sent via email, (or hand delivered) usually within a week of the ARC meeting.
  • Denial letters will be sent via certified mail and email.
  • As of May 14, 2020, Clatsop County has a new exterior lighting ordinance. All new exterior lighting (pdf) will need to meet this new criteria.
  • Alter/Alterations: Any change visible from the outside of a house, garage, outbuilding or deck. This includes painting, windows, roofs and anything that is visible. This does not include interior window dressings.
  • Deck: Any horizontal surface attached to a home. Must reside within the setbacks except at a lake or creekfront where the deck may encroach a maximum ten(10) feet from the setback into the 50 foot waterfront setback.
  • Foundation: Any material in contact with the ground which supports a roof.
  • Water Setback: A 50ft setback from the high water mark includes Fishhawk Lake, Boxler Creek, the canal and Fishhawk Creek. All other creeks are subject to county setback regulations.
  • Setbacks: Setback lines shall be measured from the foundation of the building. Front Yard: 20 feet from the street property lines, 5 feet from side Lot lines, 15 feet from back Lot line and 50 ft from the edge of the Lake, Fishhawk Creek and Boxler Creek. If the building has a covered porch, then the distance to the Lake, Fishhawk Creek, Boxler Creek  is measured from the end of the roof, not the foundation. Please see CC&Rs Article 5.5 for the complete Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for setback lines or ask a member of the committee for clarification.
  • Grading: Any change to a lot that has a cross slope difference greater than 10 feet or if your lot has a fall of greater than 10 feet requires a topographical survey - including tree removal or retaining wall placement.
  • Structure: Something built or constructed including kit sheds.
  • Approved applications show compliance with community standards, but are not approvals for County or State permits. Members are personally responsible for County and State submittals, permit fees and approvals.
Community complaints related to non-compliant conditions are to be sent to Fill able complaint forms can be downloaded here. Please provide your lake address and member number, along with a contact phone number and return email address. Please be clear and unemotional in your complaint. Please cite the CCR and /or bylaw section that appears to violated.
Visit the policy section of the Documents page to learn more.
Committee Members
Please send all communication to:
  • Sarah Scilley - Chair 
  • Sheri Browning - Secretary
  • Kevin Atchley
  • Lori Schmidt
  • Mike Johnson
  • Liz Dolan
  • Josh Partee - Board Liaison
The committee generally meets at 5:30pm the first Monday of the month. Please confirm meeting dates and times on the event calendar on this website.
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