The Firewise USA program teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and is a project of the National Fire Protection Association. Information on the Firewise website addresses landscape design, plant selection, plant grouping and location, and irrigation systems. Firewise communities in Oregon are represented as a data layer in the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer basic map viewer. 
Visit the Firewise website for more information about this national program or Watch this important safety video from the National Fire Prevention Association.
The following rules have been provided by our FLRC Firewise coordinator, Kathy Cardona
1. Report all clean up of your property to the Firewise coordinator, this includes: cleaning your roof and gutters, trimming or cutting down of trees, cutting weeds, raking leaves and needles and cleaning your property of debris. Include in this report the number of hours worked, the number of people participating, the amount of debris hauled away by trailer or pickup load, and any amount of money spent hiring the work done.
2. If you are a new owner and your property has a fire pit you must contact the Firewise coordinator to get the fire safety talk before you light a single fire.
3. Before you move or put in a fire pit you must contact the Firewise coordinator to approve the site.
4. Fire pits will be inspected once a year - usually in May. You will be notified only if there is something that needs to be done to bring your fire pit into compliance.
5. Every three years everyone with a fire pit must take the refresher fire safety talk. Four sessions of these talks will be posted and an email reminder will be sent out.