Buying and Selling at Fishhawk Lake

The Fishhawk Lake office does not generally get involved in the real estate transaction process and does not have information regarding any specific lot or homes for sale on the lake. However, there are some common questions that we are asked that can be found below.
What are the monthly HOA dues?
  • For the October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023 fiscal year, the HOA dues are $316.15/mo.
  • For the October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024 fiscal year, the HOA dues are $377.22/mo.
  • In addition, see below for information related to serial special assessments.
Are there special assessments in progress?
Yes. There are two special assessments. Please refer to the Solutions page of this website for more information about the dam safety / fish passage project. Buyers and sellers should be sure to include these special assessments as part of the final negotiations; amounts due are subject to vary on a member by member basis, as some may have pre-paid all or a portion of the special assessments at the time of the transaction.
  • Special assessment #1 began January 1, 2022. At the August 21, 2021 annual meeting, the membership approved a serial special assessment, related to the dam safety / fish passage project. Details of this serial special assessment can be found here.
  • Special assessment #2 is scheduled to begin January 1, 2023. At a written ballot in lieu of a meeting, from July 25, 2022 to August 8, 2022, the membership approved another serial special assessment related to the dam safety / fish passage project. Details of this second serial special assessment can be found here.
Looking for association documents?
The Documents section of this website is regularly updated and contains nearly all HOA documents that a potential buyer may request such as:
  • Governing documents (CCR, By Laws, Articles of Incorporation and Committee Charters)
  • Policies ie. Rules and Regulations
  • Meeting minutes and Reports
  • Financials (Balance Sheet, Budgets and Assessments, Financial Statements, Insurance, IRS filings etc)
  • Legal
  • Reserve study
All members of Fishhawk Lake have access to this content via their own member login.  Members who have issues logging in, should send an email to the website administrator for support.
Looking for property specific documents?
Our HOA management company, Community Management Incorporated (CMI), uses a document and data delivery service for our members' real estate transactions.  Agents, Title and Escrow companies who need to request property specific documents - such as the property Account Summary and Closing Statement - must do so through this service.  Requests cannot be made via email. Click here to learn more.
Requests are guaranteed to be completed within 5 business days and rush order requests can be accommodated for a small fee.  
Please take note of the complete list of documents above that are available at no cost to members before requesting any documents from CMI's document service.            
How can I contact CMI?
For urgent support, please dial 503-223-0300. Emails can also be sent to
What can a new member expect in the first 30 days?
As soon as CMI receives the final documents from title, they will email a welcome packet to the new members.  This welcome packet will include the following:
  • CMI account number
  • Instructions for how to use the CMI payment portal (Click Pay) to pay their assessment (aka dues).
  • Instructions for how to request a login for the member portal of
    • Once added to the member portal, members will begin to receive email announcements and updates from the Board and Community Manager
  • Links to the Architecture Committee page
  • Assessment payments (aka Dues) are due on the first of the month.  Please take note of this as you prepare final closing documents.  
What are the transfer fees charged at closing for?
  • CMI's fees at closing in 2023 may include: 
    • $200 - Escrow Report for HOA account information requested by title companies
    • $250 - Change in Ownership Fee for database administration
  • In addition, a $1,000 fee is charged by the HOA to cover costs associated with general Building and Ground operations, for the transfer of items that support the waste water treatment plant and the water treatment plant.  The fee also covers the costs for setting up the different directories on the Fishhawk Lake website and getting members oriented and welcomed aboard.