Water Shut Off Fines/Winterization

Please remember if you are gone longer than 48 hours to turn your water off at the curb otherwise FHL has fines they can impose due to our water policies   ( Water Shut off Fines v3)  …..some homes  share at the street with other homes.   If so, please check with your neighbors to coordinate.  If you need a special tool to turn on and off your water,  Home Depot and most hardware stores carry such tools.   If you are unaware of where you water shut off valve is at the curb, please contact operations for possible assistance, but it is the homeowners’ responsibility to make sure their water is turned off.    Turning your water off at your home is required to avoid potential fines.     This is a year round requirement but especially affects the lake during the winter due to freezing temperatures which affect pipes.    Additional recommendations are to please detach hoses,  turn off toilets, leave faucets open, leave some heat on.    Your cooperation is appreciated.   Thank you.


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    Stephen lieb says

    If shut off valve to water in home is it still necessary to shut off at curb

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      admin says

      The Policies Committee is working on a new water shut off policy to present at the December board meeting and when or if that is approved then members will have specific guidelines to follow —for now it sounds like you are doing your best to mitigate any leaks by shutting off your water at your home —there will also be additional recommendations to help with winterizing your home in hopes to prevent severe water leaks that affect the entire community.

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