2017 is FHL’s 50th birthday?

FHL’s web site is a fluid form of communication with many updates, corrections, additions and new information?

The FHL office is open  Mon and Thurs Noon-4:00 and Saturdays 10:00-2:00?

FHL is an HOA with By-laws, CC&R’s and Lake Policies?

FHL has a community garden free to all members?   (Sign up with the garden committee)

FHL has a burn pile? …it is for wood (non stained), trees  and yard debris —there is a separate pile for grass clippings.

Vernonia has a transfer station open the second and fourth Sat of each month where you can dump –especially items that do NOT belong in the FHL burn pile?

FHL has a boat policy?

FHL is an HOA that requires application to the Architectural Committee for any changes, additions, improvements, to your property?   This includes paint colors, stain, sheds, decks, docks, homes, garages, roofs, and more.  Please look at the FLRC’s for details.  If you have any questions, please contact the office or  a member of the committee.

there is an Elk Preserve on Highway 202 about 30 minutes west of FHL?

there is a Fishhawk Falls?

there is a walking path that connects Northshore and Fishhawk Lake Road?

there is no glass recycling at the lake?

garbage day is every Friday?

families are responsible for their own garbage and recycling?

the island no longer has recycling due to abuse of that container by filling it with garbage?

the Fire station on 202 accepts cans and water bottles only?  (no glass–even beer bottles)?

FHL has a dog policy?  Dogs must be on leashes on roads and common property at all times including the island?

FHL has two private boat ramps available to any member’s use?

you can rent the clubhouse for a private event if you are a member?

FHL has a social calendar full of events all year long for all ages and interests?

the Second Saturday in August is the Annual Membership Meeting at 10:00 and will be held in 2017 off site?

your HOA dues include water and sewer?

FLRC owns a Community Garden?

FHL has a recreational vehicle policy?  (questions?  contact the FHL office.)

the garbage and recycling containers by the clubhouse are for island day use only?

we have a “fire” season and regulated fire pits only can be used during that time (usually July 1-September 30) (contact Kathy Cordona for questions and fire pit approval)

absolutely no fires are allowed when a reg flag is flying at the main board entrance to the lake including briquette BBQ’s and regulation fire pits.

FHL has a fishing season regulated by the State and you must have a fishing license?  The lake is open only to members and their guests.

FHL allows wind or human propelled and electric motors only on our lake?

members must turn off their water at their home connection if gone for more than 48 hours?

FHL has a Solutions Committee that is working to propose solutions to our fish ladder and spillway challenges?

FHL has it’s own water and sewer treatment plant?

Mallard Ducks lay eggs from mid-March to late July?

the lake has a boat speed limit of 5 MPH?

FHL allows electric motors only?

there is a 10 MPH speed limit on the lake roads surrounding the lake?

the lake water volume has decreased by 50% since the the lake was founded?

bald eagle females are larger than their male counterpart?

FHL can only spray the lake for weeds during a specific time each year with specific regulated chemicals and by a qualified person?

FHL currently has two full time employees(Jim and Kevin) who oversee buildings, grounds, water and sewer under the supervision of the Buildings and Grounds Chair, Vic Dyksra?

FHL is a man made lake?

FHL has 3 streams feeding it?

FHL has a Family Fun Day (usually Labor Day) with games for all ages and a BBQ?

FHL has a fish ladder?

FHL has a board of directors who meet the second Saturday of each month at 9:30 and all members are welcome?

migrating fish (salmon, lampray, etc) can be potentially dangerous if digested by dogs?   Correct antibiotics can save your dog’s life.

FHL has an official Facebook page called Fishhawk Lake Buildings and Grounds?

FHL has a Bunco night on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00?  (see event calendar for details)

FHL has two main bulletin boards –one by the clubhouse and one at the lake entrance?

FHL is divided into two counties?    Columbia and Clatsop  (county seats:  St. Helens and Astoria)

FHL has two school districts?   Jewell and Vernonia?

Fishhawk Lake Road is owned by the County?

our lake depends on our dam and the glory hole to stay a lake rather than a meadow?

the area known as Fishhawk Lake used to be a meadow with a stream running through it?

the lake has its’ own 30 minute firework display every July (usually the Saturday proceeding July 4)

the lake has a video, game and book library?

the lake usually has a social events for all ages throughout the year?

FHL plows the roads around the lake during the winter?

Birkenfeld does not have a gas station?

FHL has many policies governing everything from dogs, to boats, to architecture, to fires, to weeds and grass, to nuisance policies?   and then some?  (check with the office for  FHL policies)

FHL has a beach for the kids and families with picnic tables for day use?

The FHL clubhouse is now formally named the Yoder Community Center?

Clatskanie  (Wahkiakum Ferry) will take you over to the Washington side of the Columbia River?

FHL is part of the Fire Wise Program —all fire pits MUST be authorized and okay’d yearly?

red flag at the entrance to FHL means NO FIRES even in an authorized fire pit?

fire Season runs from about July 1 to  approximately September 30?

FHL offers workshops?  (If you have a talent to share–let the Social Committee know.)

FHL hosts Halloween costume parties for kids, teens and adults usually the Saturday closest to October 31?

The Nehalem River is almost 119 miles long?

FHL has a New Year’s Eve bon fire weenie roast and toast for all ages?

FHL Board members serve a 3 year term?

Bats are not blind?