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Campfire Rules


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POLICIES –Please see “FLRC Policies” page under community connections to see policies —a few are listed below for your convenience.

Policy-5.030_Boating and Boat Operation_Adopted_08-05-2017 -Word Format-00

Policy-20.02 9718.1 Campfires-170322 Website

Policy-12.22-009-9718-Burning Website

Policy-8.32-Exterior Lighting Website

Policy-8.31-Storage Sheds Website

Policy-8.25 014-9727-Satellite Dishes Website

Policy-8.24-013-9726-Propane Tanks Website

Policy-8.21-9711-Weeds Grass and Trees Website

Policy-5.07-Dog-Policy-2-2012 Website

Policy-5.05-Tennis And Basketball Courts-170322 Website

Policy-5.01-Recreation Facilities and Activities-170322 Website

Policy-5.02-Beaches and Swimming -170322 Website

Fines Process for Policy violations


Recreational Vehicle Policy –Please contact Office

Nuisance Policy –Please contact Office

Policies not listed above – please contact office

Not all FHL Policies are included in the Welcome Packet or are on the Web Site.   Some policies are in the process of being revised and updated.

All information is subject to change and updates.   If you have questions, concerns, or need further information or clarification,  Please contact the FHL Office 503-755-2132 or go drop in –open Tuesdays and Thursdays noon-4:00–or come to a Board Meeting on the Second Saturday of each month.