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2018 Social Events & Activities

FEBRUARY 10 PIZZA and CARD GAMES   6:00-8:00 ish      We provide  pizza (meat and veggie), pop/cocoa and chips.   Bring your own beverages.    We’ll introduce an EASY and FUN  card game called “GUTS, this is an easy to learn fun card game for all ages.   We’ll also have Mexican Train for those that love dominos or is you aren’t into games, just come to eat and visit……APRIL 14   BINGO, BEER, ROOT BEER TASTING FUNDRAISER.    6:00-8:00ish….bring you favorite Root Beer and/or Beer and we’ll taste them all (over 21 for the beer) to see which is our favorite…..we’ll provide corn dogs, hot dogs and veggie burgers..we’ll  play a few rounds of Bingo…bring your change …$1 each round and winner takes it all each round….we’ll be raising money for additional picnic tables so donations generously accepted.  Bingo is open to all ages…...JUNE 30 4th of July celebration and fireworks to be determined….JULY 14 BOAT FLOAT.   2:00-5:00.   We’ll be out in the center of the lake to hook up together with any pontoon, fishing boat, paddle boat, canoe.   We’ll hop from boat to boat visiting, and sharing snacks.   Bring your own beverages.   This event is open to all ages.   If you don’t have a boat or floating device, just come down to the Yoder Center main dock by 1:45 and we’ll pick you up or make arrangements with someone you know who has a pontoon.    ……….AUGUST 4 SUMMER STREET HOP….   looking for Multiple Families from each street to host an outdoor  food stop on your street/yard/cul de sac/common property  (Beach Drive is hosting a hot dog buffet……Anyone from  Northshore, Lakeview, FHL Road/Fieldcrest/Ridgeview interested in hosting an appetizer?, desserts? salads?  Snack? stop?)  let’s connect with one another and put on an outdoor summer party on each street getting to know our neighbors from afar ….we’ll hop around the lake enjoying a variety of foods (your choice with no food rules)  and friendship……..if interested please contact Carolyn Taylor 755-2804 or the office.   This event is open to all ages.   Time to be determined….SEPT 1 FAMILY FUN DAY….BUNCO for men and women first Thursday of each month 7:00 with a $5 ante.   NEXT BUNCO January 4….   SIGN UP FOR COMMUNITY GARDEN  please see flyer under “Community Connections”

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