Policy 8.29 Water Usage

Policy Number: 8.29        Revision: 02
Policy Title:         Water Usage
Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to list the rules of water usage at Fishhawk Lake in order to avoid wasting treated, potable water and possible resultant property damage. It also lists the general rules of usage and details actions which may be taken when owners fail to comply.
Additional Authority: Bylaws, CC&R’s
Scope: All owners of property in Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community
Responsible Party: Property Owners, Board of Trustees 
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Policy: The supply of treated potable water is one of the benefits of being a member of Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community (FLRC, Inc.). In order to maintain and protect this water supply, the following rules are established for usage and maintenance of this asset. 
Water Usage Rules   
  • All property owners and their guests shall be responsible for securing their water system to avoid broken pipes or unnecessary leaks.    
  • FLRC, Inc. requires that water be turned off at individual lots by their owners when owners vacate the premises for over 48 hours.          
  • Shut off the outside main water valve (street side) any time the premises is vacated for 48 hours or more.
  • Note:  Street side valves are the property and responsibility of the FLRC, Inc.  They will be installed, maintained, and replaced by the FLRC, Inc., if required.
  • If sharing the outside main shut-off with an adjacent property owner, use the water shutoff valve at the house.
  • If the outside main water valve (street side) can not be located or operated the property owner should use the water shutoff valve at the house.
  • Do not leave water faucets running.
Water Service Disconnection and Reconnection
  • Water service to individual owners’ lots may be discontinued by FLRC, Inc. when:
    • A property owner requests discontinuation of water service.
    • A condition exists at the property that is allowing water wastage that the lot owner is unable to control.
    • A condition exists at the property that is allowing water wastage that the lot owner declines to control.
    • A condition exists at a lot that poses a danger or threat to the stability or safety of any other lot or to any common area or public area.
    • Fines, levied fees, special assessments or FLRC membership dues for an individual lot are outstanding and reasonable efforts to collect outstanding fines, fees or membership dues have not resulted in payment.
  • Water service may be restored when:
    • A property owner who requested discontinuation of water service requests that it be restored. This assumes that none of the other above conditions applies.
    • Conditions that resulted in water wastage at an individual’s lot, or a danger or threat to the stability or safety of any other lot, common area or public area, have been corrected and verified as being adequate by FLRC personnel.
    • Fines, fees, special assessments, or delinquent FLRC membership dues have been paid in full, or the owner of the individual lot and the FLRC directors have entered into a mutually acceptable payment plan.
      • Fines and fees shall be satisfied prior to the reconnection of water service.
      • Fines and fees may be waived wholly or in part at the discretion of the FLRC, Inc. Board of Trustees in consideration of the individual circumstances on a case-by-case basis.
    • The owner or tenant has completed and signed a “Waiver of Liability re Water Services” form.
      • Waiver forms should be available on the FLRC, Inc. Website and from the FLRC, Inc.
      • Completed waiver forms will be kept permanently in the FLRC, Inc. Owner file for the specific property.
Fines may be imposed upon members for violation of the requirements of this policy.  Those fines will be listed in the FLRC, Inc. Consolidated Schedule of Fines.  This Schedule will be maintained by the Board.  
Policy Adopted at FLRC INC. Board of Trustees Meeting    
Board Of Trustees President:____Jeanne Scillley    10/9/21_______________
10/14/17                   Rev. 01
Revised time away from 72 hours to 48 hours, updated fines
9/21/21                   Rev. 02
Combined 8.290, 8.291, 8.292, 8.293 and 8.294, removed fine table
Renumbered to be 8.290 as a result of consolidation