The following list contains many of  Fishhawk Lake Policies.   These policies, rules and regulations are for the benefit of our membership and the Fishhawk Lake HOA.  Please refer to the Basic Rules document for a brief overview of some, but not all of the policies of Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community, Inc.
In an effort to provide lake members with accurate information, we are in the process of updating our policy list and all policies may not be listed.  When in doubt or in need of clarification, please send an inquiry to

Water Service Disconnection And Reconnection Policy July 2013 (2)

Collection Policy 2016

Dog Policy

Policy-5.030_Boating and Boat Operation_Adopted_08-05-2017 -Word Format-00

Fines Process for Policy violations

Policy-5.01-Recreation Facilities and Activities-170322 Website

Policy-5.02-Beaches and Swimming -170322 Website

Policy-5.05-Tennis And Basketball Courts-170322 Website

Policy-8.21-9711-Weeds Grass and Trees Website  

Policy-8.24-013-9726-Propane Tanks Website

Policy-8.25 014-9727-Satellite Dishes Website

Policy-8.31-Storage Sheds WebsitePolicy-8.32-Exterior Lighting Website

Policy-12.22-009-9718-Burning WebsitePolicy-20.02 9718.1

Campfires-170322 Website

Nuisance Policy

Water Shut Off Policy (must shut off water if gone for more than 48 hours)

Trash Can Policy

For Sale Signs policy  (CC&R’s) –Additional information please contact Architectural Committee

Architectural Policies   ( CC&R’s)–additional information Please contact office or Architectural Committee

Water Shut Off Fines


(Some of the FHL policies are not published yet on this  web page –or copies of these or other FHL Policies please contact the office—–many of these policies fall under Architectural Committee Cathie Hanner Chair.

Please keep  checking back to this page for updates, revisions and/or contact the FLRC office –open for business Monday and Fridays 1:00- 4:00 —with any questions about FHL policies or how you can get further information regarding these or any other  existing lake policies  (503) 755- 2132