Following is a list of Fishhawk Lake Community Garden Courtesies:
**  All plots are staked and numbered.
**  Gardeners provide their own tools.  It is highly recommended that you label any tools you bring,
     and take them with you if you don’t want to share.
**  Be considerate of your neighbors and orient your plantings to avoid casting shade on other plots.  No tree plantings.
**  Gardeners, please maintain your paths and weed your plots.  Wood chip piles adjacent to the garden are available to use for
     bordering your garden plots.
** Please be conscientious of water usage.  Gardeners must remain in the garden while watering.  Water only within your plot
   and do not let it seep or flood into neighboring plots or paths.   Be sure to rewind the hose and turn off water after watering
   your plot.  There are two water spigots available.  When both are in use, water pressure is low.
**  Children must be accompanied in the garden by an adult.  Do not leave children unsupervised.
**  No pets are allowed in the garden.  Service animals must be on leash at all times and not allowed to wander into
    other people’s garden plots.
**  All gardeners and guests should respect others’ plots and should not enter or harvest from someone else’s plot without permission.
    Community members who do not have a garden plot may not harvest without the gardener’s permission.
**  You cannot transfer your plot to someone else.  Garden plots are assigned and reassigned by the committee on an annual basis.
     We would like to request that gardeners keep their contact information current with the committee.
**  There is no trash pick up available at the garden.  Please “pack out” any trash.
**  No power equipment will be provided.  The Ecological Foundation has a tiller, and arrangements can be made to
    have your plot tilled by Gene Kleen (755-2812) for a donation to the Foundation.
Please send a quick note to my email address to confirm that you have received this information.   And, for Facebook users, we have created a Facebook page just for 2018 FLRC gardeners.  If you would like access to this page, please let me know when you send your confirmation note, and we will add your name. 
Thanks!!  Linda Gunberg 
    Committee Members:  Cathie Hanner, Nancy Jasper, Gene Kleen & Linda Gunberg        Board Liaison:  Randy Taylor 
                                                                                     HAPPY GARDENING!
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