Fishhawk Lake Patrol is a volunteer neighborhood watch program.   The job of the volunteer is to look–observe–report only.    Looking for volunteers to help out  once a day per week.    For emergencies or to report suspicious activity,  please call 911 or  the Sheriff’s Department.   For all other general observations please notify the Community Manager :  (755-2132).   For additional Neighborhood Watch program information please see:

Please see the attached flyer below re: volunteering  –either driving OR walking on your street to help out with our neighborhood watch program.

NW Announcement


Current Volunteer Drivers:

Mondays:  Gene Kleen

Tuesdays:  Rick and Julie Osbourn

Wednesdays:  Bob and Lou Yoder

Thursdays:  Randy and Carolyn  Taylor


Saturdays:  Heather Cissna and Patrick Mcgilvivary


Substitutes:  Davis and Linda Gunberg / Alex and Michal Nokovic

For emergency or to report suspicious activity :  Please call 911 or the local Sheriff’s Office