Mission Statement
To preserve and protect property values within the neighborhood, the mission of the Committee is (a) to ensure that improvements proposed for installation, replacement, or construction on any lot are compatible and harmonize with the architectural scheme, blend with our natural surroundings and to comply with the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and policies of the Fishhawk Lake Reserve and Community, and (b) to manage compliance with such Declarations, rules, regulations, policies and guidelines dealing with construction and/or maintenance of lots or improvements thereon.

The Architectural Committee guides the members to keep the lake looking like  a quiet peaceful woodland setting.  Any alterations to the outside of a Lot must have the approval of the Architectural. Committee.   Most policies and  our CC&R’s are listed on this web site for viewing.  If you have any questions, please contact a standing member of the committee or ask for a hearing at one of the committee’s monthly meetings.
 The committee meets at Noon on the first Saturday each month.  Please confirm meeting dates and times on the event calendar on this website.
ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATION FORMS are available on the Bluestone & Hockley owner web portal.  Paper copies are also available in the community library on the island.
Cathie Hanner, Committee Chair
Dave Stratford, Board Liaison
Sherry Ploor
Heather Cissna
Steve Elliot


Alter/Alterations: Any change visible from the outside of a house, garage, outbuilding or deck. This includes painting, windows, roofs and anything that is visible. This does not include interior window dressings.

Foundation: Any material in contact with the ground which supports a roof.

Water: Pertaining to the 50ft setback includes Fishhawk Lake, Boxler Creek and Fishhawk Creek. All other creeks are subject to county setback regulations.

Setbacks: Setback lines shall be measured from the foundation of the building. 20 feet from the street property lines, 5 feet from side Lot lines, 15 feet from back Lot line and 50 ft from the edge of the Lake, Fishhawk Creek and Boxler Creek. If the building has a covered porch, then the distance to the Lake, Fishhawk Creek, Boxler Creek  is measured from the end of the roof, not the foundation. Please see CC&Rs Article 5.5 for the complete Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for setback lines or ask a member of the committee for clarification.

Hedge: 1) to enclose or separate with a hedge; 2) to fence with a thickly set line or thicket of shrubs or small trees; 3) also to arrange so as to form a hedge or barrier.

Structure: Something built or constructed