2017 Annual Vote Results

After a very long day, Linda Gunberg, Barb Smith and Julie Osborne have finished verifying and counting all of the ballots that were returned. 133 members returned their ballots for the budget, 22 more than last year! 129 members returned their Solutions ballots, and 66% is 85.14 and there were 90 Yes votes so it passed. 

            17/18 Budget              74 Yes          59 No


            Solutions                    90 Yes          39 No

                      (66% of 129 = 85.14)


Congratulations to the new Board members… 2017 to 2020

John Marler

Patrick McGillivary

Dave Stratford

Thank you to ALL of the FLRC members who took the time to Vote!


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    Tommy Jane Roberts says

    Did the budget pass also? Or did it too need 66%? Thanks!

    • Reply
      admin says

      It passed with more than 66%.

      • Reply
        Roland Jenkins says

        You have funny math … 74 + 59 = 133.
        74/133 x 100 = 55.6%

        • Reply
          admin says

          The Solutions portion of the vote was the part that needed a 66% approval(not the budget portion which only needed a simple majority) and it achieved that with 90 votes yes and 39 votes no.

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      admin says

      The budget did not need a percentage approval but only a simple majority–the Solutions portion of the vote needed a 66% approval and they achieved that.

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    Lizann Williams says

    Can someone please let me know what the dues are, and where do we send them since it looks like Amanda is no longer there? It’s very confusing!

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      admin says

      Dues are mailed out to the address on record in September and usually due October 1 each year. Follow the instructions on the mailing–dues should be sent to the office.

  3. Reply
    lizann williams says

    You still didn’t address the question regarding how much they are.

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      admin says


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