What is the Fishhawk Lake Ecological Foundation?

The Fishhawk Lake Ecological Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is focused on revenue generation for fish habitat and lake water quality capital projects. The Foundation hopes to secure funds through donations and grants for projects such as improved fish ladders, hiking paths, dredging spoils management, enhanced fish habitat, and other ecological conservation projects.


How is the Fishhawk Lake Ecological Foundation related to the FLRC?

The Foundation was established by the FLRC Board as a separate agency to pursue the objectives above and gain access to funding not available to FLRC for the benefit of the Fishhawk Creek watershed. Up to two members of the FLRC Board are represented on the Foundation Board, along with three other members of the lake community. The difference between the Foundation and the FLRC is that the Foundation is a non-profit agency: their funds would not be used for the operating budget of the lake but for more specific, focused ecological endeavors outside the regular budget of the lake.


How are the funds of the Foundation secured and managed separately from the FLRC Funds?

The Foundation’s funds are maintained in separate accounts and can only be disbursed by the consent of the Foundation Board. The funds of the Foundation are focused on very specific projects related to ecological improvements in fish habitat and water quality.


What projects does the Foundation have in mind for Fishhawk Lake?

The Foundation will pursue an enhanced fish ladder which Oregon Fish and Wildlife has recommended for the lake. This would also allow for the existing fish ladder to be modified for flood control. The Foundation may also focus on weed control, dredging enhancements, and hiking paths for all ages and mobility levels with an educational focus on habitat.


If I donate money to the Foundation, how would it be used?

Donations show community support for grant funded projects, which is a requirement in most private and government grants; help fund larger projects for the lake outside of its operating budget, add enhancements to the lake for all to enjoy, including the wildlife; and allow members to make a tax deductible donation towards these projects.