Homeowners MUST turn off water at their house shut off valve (year round) –(or curbside if you do not have a house shut off valve)—when gone for more than 48 hours.


Latest News

  • Changes in FHL Personnel

    Jim Dahlquist has been hired by Fishhawk Lake. ¬† Kevin Adolphson and Jim will jointly oversee the lake’s daily operations directed by Vic Dykstra, head... read more

  • Sat March 25–Complimentary Breakfast/Firewise Day

    Saturday, 9:00-noon a hot breakfast will be served at the clubhouse —Eggs,potatoes, ¬†pancakes, waffles, juice, coffee, —this will be followed by a day of Fire... read more

  • FHL Winter 2017

    Lake levels normal. ¬† If you notice low water pressure at your home indicates leak in your area –please contact Kevin Adolphson, Jim Dahlquist, Vic... read more